WERS Donegal refuse truckServices – WERS Donegal  provide a comprehensive refuse collection service covering Letterkenny and most of the Donegal area.

WERS supply bins for both domestic and commercial use.

View details of all of our services below.


Domestic Bins

240 litre bin. For pricing and delivery details please contact the office.

Commercial Bins

Bins available for refuse, recycling, cardboard and food waste in the following sizes;

  • 140 litre
  • 240 litre
  • 660 litre
  • 740 litre
  • 940 litre
  • 1100 litre

Bailers and compactors.


We also provide such services as the following;

  • Weekly Cardboard Collection
  • Weekly Glass Collection
  • Weekly Food Bin Collection
  • Confidential Shredding
  • Suppliers of Bailers & Compactors